Fracture Analysis Consultants, Inc

Mar 11 2018

FRANC3D fixes the following:
1) fix tie constraint and contact separation in local & global model portions
2) fix crash when using ANSYS volume meshing
3) fix dload op= type string for ABAQUS
4) fix ABAQUS odb file crack face tractions
5) fix crash in SIFs For All Fronts when analysis results are not present
6) fix crack growth when user turns off growth for a crack front
7) set better initial guess for nonlinear fretting data fitting
8) fix NASGRO4 xml input
9) fix documentation file names
10) check sign of equivalent K as a function of square root of all three modes
11) fix anisotropic toughness GUI entry

Feb 23 2018

FRANC3D fixes the following:
1) ANSYS reader modified so load steps are not accidentally deleted from the global portion
2) SIF computation parameters no longer cleared when doing Static Analyses
3) additional numerical overflow checks in fatigue module
4) kink angle set to zero if crack extension is zero
5) check for consistent temperature dependent load schedule and growth rate model
6) fix GUI for NASGRO temperature dependent data entry

Feb 9 2018

FRANC3D fixes:
1) searchTree modified to help identify points on the model surface - fixes some issues with crack growth
2) modified ABAQUS .fil and .dtp results reader to process more contact surface data
3) fretting module updates: (i) ABAQUS model/results, (ii) contour label set to fretting model, and (iii) surface names displayed instead of "master" and "slave"
4) temperature dependent NASGRO data entry fixed
5) spectrum integration bug fix for multiple spectra
6) fatigue schedule load step multiplier read/write fixed

Jan 30 2018

FRANC3D fixes:
1) fix crack face traction when using local + global models with no other loads
2) for Abaqus "*Include" INP= added; and "ENDSTEP" without space supported
3) material id and coordinate system id used to identify regions and boundaries
4) set defaults for substep and growth type in Fatigue dialog if unset

Jan 22 2018

FRANC3D fixes:
1) a bug in fatigue life computation when using spectrum loading
2) allow multiple *ModelChange lines for Abaqus
3) allow for nset and elset with and without generate flag for same set for Abaqus
4) revised MSWindows startup folder
5) add tolerance when checking ends of extrapolated crack front points to make sure they are outside
6) add flag to Preferences to control amount of Ansys results output to the .dtp file
7) add flag to Preferences to increase button and text size for high resolution displays

Jan 9 2018

FRANC3D fixes:
1) bug in the kink angle computation when using fatigue load schedules
2) Abaqus "*Boundary, submodel, step=n" data now output correctly
3) Registry settings moved to a new location in the User's home folder

Dec 15 2017

FRANC3D fixes:
1) Transient load schedules can be defined with one load step with multiple substeps
2) Abaqus results output frequency is enabled in Preferences
3) Abaqus absolute exterior tolerance supported for *submodel command
4) Ansys variable surface pressure mapping is fixed
5) Crack growth & merging made more robust

Dec 1 2017

FRANC3D 7.1 can be downloaded now. The changes from Version 7.0.9 are summarized here. The Version 7.0 documentation is still available, but is bundled into a single zip file. Training slides for Version 7.1 have not been updated yet; Version 7.0 training slides are still available.

Oct 17 2017

A bug was fixed in FRANC3D 7.0.9. The build number was updated to 1934 and build date is Oct 12, 2017. The bug was in the Fatigue Life module when setting dK to use: Kmax - max(Kmin,0)

Aug 8 2017

FRANC3D 7.0.9 is available. Changes from 7.0.7 and 7.0.8 are listed here..



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FRANC3D has had a long development history starting in the late 1980's at Cornell University. The FRANC3D/Classic (boundary element based) software is still available from the Cornell Fracture Group, but it is no longer supported and will not run on many current platforms as it is restricted to 32bit and XWindows graphics. An all new version of FRANC3D was started in 2005 by FAC and commercial licensed copies have been shipping since 2010. The development history is shown here: