Fracture Analysis Consultants, Inc

Aug 14 2023

FRANC3D 8.3.5 executable packages are now available.
Changes and bug fixes from Version 8.0 through 8.3.5 are listed here.

Aug 9 2022

FRANC3D 7.5.8 is the last update to Version 7. Version 7 documentation and training slides can be retrieved from the downloads folder.
Changes to Version 7.0 through 7.5.8 are listed here.


Contact Process Optimization Corp for information regarding licensing or to obtain the FRANC3D software; send email to:

For technical questions or information, send email to:

FRANC3D development started in the late 1980's at Cornell University. The FRANC3D/Classic (boundary element based) software is still available from the Cornell Fracture Group, but it has not been updated since 2007, it is restricted to 32bit, and it requires XWindows graphics.
An all new version of FRANC3D was started in 2005 by FAC, and commercial licensed copies have been shipping since 2010. The development history is shown here: